The Majesty & Power of African Art

DENKYEM ASE is an Afro-Eclectic and Eco-Friendly Art|Fashion brand inspired by the majestic power of African Art. From our independently Black-owned and operated African Art gallery (Gallery Denkyem ASE) in Baltimore, MD, we carry forth a mission to Teach and Share African Art by creating ancestral art|fashion collections that communicate, honor, teach, promote and preserve the majesty and power of African Art.


Denkyem, which translates to "crocodile," represents certain attributes of a crocodile that were valued in Ghanaian society. This Adinkra symbol represents adaptability, which the crocodile aptly demonstrates in how although it lives in the is still able to breathe the air, portraying its flexibility to different circumstances. Not only is the crocodile able to thrive in different environments, but it is also a common creature in African art and mythology...held in high regard as the most intelligent creature. Crocodiles can be found in numerous examples of art across the entire African continent...from the aww inspiring Bobo/Nuna/Bwa crocodile masks of Burkina Faso, to the elegantly carved doors and masks from the Dogon tribes of Mali.


Majestic Fashion Collection: "Kuba Cloth All Over"

DENKYEM ASE Logo Collection

DENKYEM ASE Logo Collection

DENKYEM ASE presents the signature Bobo/Nuna/Bwa Crocodile Logo Collection. Make a Statement with... 

DENKYEM ASE "Kuba Cloth All Over" Collection

DENKYEM ASE "Kuba Cloth All Over" Collection

DENKYEM ASE presents the signature "Kuba All Over" Collection. Make a Statement... 

  • Spring & Summer!

    DENKYEM ASE One Piece Kuba Cloth Bathing Suit. Express Divine Royalty at the beach and pool in the warm weather!

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  • Make a Statement with African Art!

    Make every step count & stand out from the crowd with DENKYEM ASE Kuba Cloth Sneakers!

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  • The Majesty & Power of African Art

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